Hasbro changes the gender of all the dinosaurs for Jurassic World toys because girl dinos have cooties

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2 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    In the movie and in the books it was explained that they used frog DNA to fill in gaps in the dinosaur DNA, which allowed the dinosaurs to change their sex. They bred the dinosaurs to be female to control populations. This was something they didn’t account for. So this article is bullshit. The indication that there are both male and female dinosaurs ESPECIALLY RAPTORS happens when they find a fucking raptor egg in the middle of nowhere. It’s clear as fucking day in the movie. Maybe watch an entire movie before you pretend to be an expert on it.

    • John Marcotte John Marcotte says:

      Hi Justin!

      Hasbro admitted they were wrong and changed the description of the dinosaurs back to female, which everyone — from the studio to Hasbro — agrees they were in the first place. The Hasbro site also identified Indominus Rex as male even though it is referred to as “she” several times in the movie.

      The frog DNA problem was from the first batch of dinosaurs, and was corrected before opening Jurassic World. Jurassic World explicitly states that the dinos trust Pratt, because “he imprinted on them in the lab.” Lab bred dinos are female.

      Hasbro agrees. I agree. The movie studio agrees.

      They don’t find a raptor egg in this movie. They found one in Jurassic Park III on Isla Sorna — a completely movie featuring a different island overrun by non-lab-grown dinosaurs that were able to breed using the old defective frog-based DNA.

      So, you’re wrong, just like Hasbro. The only difference is Hasbro was willing to admit it.