Kelly Sue DeConnick Speaks Out On Sexual Predators In The Comics Industry

Warren Ellis

As the creator of hits like Transmtropolitan, The Authority, Red and Global Frequency; Ellis has been one of comics top writers for decades. Last week, three women went on the record, accusing Ellis of coercive sexual behavior when they were young women. They were soon joined by a number of other women who told similar stories, but wished to remain anonymous. These reports revealed a decades-long practice of grooming and preying on young women in the comics community.

Captain Marvel creator Kelly Sue DeConnick has long credited Ellis as a mentor who helped launch her career. She has worked with him for more than a decade, most recently teaming up with Ellis on a run of The Avengers. She even met her husband Matt Fraction (Hawkeye) on the forums on Ellis’ website — which was a launching point for many of today’s top creators including Chip Zdarsky, Brian Lee O’Malley and Sam Humphries — among others.

So DeConnick felt a need to address the allegations against Ellis directly, and she did so in a powerful Instagram live broadcast, where she laid out a case for reforming the comics industry in general to be safer and more welcoming for women.