45 #1 covers from the All-New, All-Different Marvel relaunch

Marvel recently ended their comics universe and is in the middle of their giant “What If?” crossover storyline “Secret Wars.” But after the Secret Wars are over, the Marvel universe will be a very different place.

Every comic will be starting over with issue #1. Some will feature familiar heroes. Some will feature new characters, and some heroes will be noticeably different than the last time you saw them.

We’ve organized a gallery of all the new covers we could find for you to look at. Marvel is withholding some details. The Hulk in particular is obscured — likely because he is no longer Bruce Banner. There are lots of other subtle changes. Click on a cover to zoom in.






  1. There is soooo much going on here, it’ll take me days, possibly weeks, to sort this all out… and figure out what is worth picking up. Some really cool stuff in here, but I was hoping for more female talent.

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