Wonder Woman Embodies Superhuman Strength on New Poster

Wonder Woman Poster

One of the questions fans have had about the new Wonder Woman film is: “Just how strong will Diana be?”

By the time she fights Doomsday alongside Batman and Superman, she can go toe-to-toe with a Kryptonian — but this story is set a century earlier. Although she is obviously a skilled fighter, it wasn’t clear that Wonder Woman begins the film with the enormous strength and abilities that she possesses later. In the famous “alley fight” sequence shown in the trailer, she takes on multiple armed assailants with incredible skill rather than brute force. In the most recent retelling of her origin in the comics, she starts out as an incredibly talented warrior until being given “gifts” from the Greek gods.

So, is Diana truly superhuman in this movie?

Well, the latest poster answers that question definitively answers that question. It shows Wonder Woman effortlessly hoisting a tank over her head, That’s something fans haven’t seen in the trailers, and gives us something to look forward to in the film.