Win A Black Widow Prize Pack

Day 4 of the 12 Days of Giveaways

Confession. I’ve been sitting on these forever because I was going to give them away in conjunction with the movie coming out. But at this point, I have no idea when that will happen so we’re going to give them away now.

This prize pack consists of three items:

  • A Marvel Ultimate Series Limited Edition Black Widow doll — only available at Disney Stores
  • A Marvel Select Black Widow action figure
  • A Black Widow Mopeez plushie

The doll and the action figure should probably be reserved for grown ups or teens. The Ultimate Series action figure is going for around $50 on the aftermarket and the box talks about how many “articulation points” it has — which is nerd-speak for “It’s a collectable.” The select figure is going for about $25. Both are simply gorgeous, though, and will look great protecting your computer desk or a particularly crime infested bookshelf.

The Mopeez is — well — a plushie. It’s not valuable, but it is adorable. Natasha seems particularly suited for the special kind of sad Mopeez expression that these guys wear. She’s been through a lot. Remember Budapest?

The contest is open from noon Saturday, December 15 to noon December 16 — Pacific Standard Time.

Congratulations to Larry Woods, winner of our Black Widow Prize Pack.

Rules: One entry per person, please. Don’t be THAT guy. Unfortunately, we can only ship to United States addresses. We love other parts of the world, but we can’t afford the postage. If you are trying to win this as a Christmas gift — first of all, you need to get your s#!+ together. Entering contests is not a viable strategy for acquiring Christmas gifts. Second, we are decidedly NOT promising this will get to you by Christmas. To minimize our exposure to the ‘rona, we’ll probably ship all of the prizes at once at the end of the 12 days.