The Flash Just Teased The Supergirl Crossover In The Best Episode of the Season

The Flash spots Supergirl on the way to Earth-2
The Flash spots Supergirl on the way to Earth-2

Last night’s episode of The Flash “Welcome to Earth-2” was easily one of the best of the entire series (if not the best.) From finally getting to meet the over-the-top Killer Frost to seeing Joe break out his vocal chops as a lounge singer the episode was literally stuffed to the rafters with cool reinterpretations of characters we know and love, as well as neat Easter Eggs for longtime DC fans. (Earth-2 Barry has “Diana, Bruce and Hal” on the speed-dial of his retro-future phone.)

But one of the coolest Easter Eggs was also the one that came earliest. When Barry was traveling between dimensions to Earth-2, he saw glimpses of other realities, including The old CBS Flash television show (starring John Wesley Shipps, who plays Barry’s father on the current series) and a fleeting glimpse of Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El a.k.a. Supergirl.

CBS just confirmed to fans last week that The Flash would be making his way to Supergirl‘s National City, but I think they really missed an opportunity here. Imagine how the social media would have exploded if the first time fans realized a crossover was possible was when Benoist popped up unexpectedly in the middle of The Flash.

The Internet would have melted down from the heat.

The Flash will visit Supergirl in the episode “Worlds Finest” which will air on March 28 on CBS.