Tessa Thompson Joins Thor: Ragnarok As “Kind of a Superhero”

It’s a poorly kept secret that Natalie Portman has not been happy with her role in the Thor franchise. The departure of director Patty Jenkins


from Thor: Ragnarok was evidently the last straw, and Portman announced she would not be returning.

It didn’t take Marvel long to recalibrate. Creed star Tessa Thompson was announced as Thor’s new love interest, and according to Deadline, “kind of a superhero.”

So let the rampant speculation begin. While fans have theorized Thompson will be playing everyone from the Enchantress to Thor Girl, we think the most likely role is Valkyrie, an Asgardian hero who has been both a love interest for Thor and a superhero as a member of the Defenders.

Here at Heroic Girls we will admit that there is a special place in our heart for Valkyrie, who was an unabashedly feminist hero and gave us one of our favorite comic panels of all time.

Defenders - vol. 1, iss. 4, page 18
Defenders – vol. 1, iss. 4, page 18