Jennifer Walters’ “Hulk” Smashes into Comics Shops in December

New York, NY—November 23rd, 2016 —Jennifer Walters has survived the Civil War, but not unscathed. On December 28th, she rises from the rubble, re-entering the world as a different kind of hero in the brand new HULK #1! Today Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside the debut issue from Eisner Award-winning writer Mariko Tamaki (This One Summer) and rising star artist Nico Leon (Spider-Man)! Be there as they chronicle the ongoing adventures of Jennifer Walters – and bring you a Hulk book for Marvel NOW! the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

Following the traumatic events of Civil War II, Jen is determined to move forward, to go on with her life. But there is something bubbling under the surface. A quiet rage. The physical and mental wounds are still fresh. The pain of the past and all she’s lost is always there – an undercurrent, a pulse, waiting to quicken and trigger her transformation into the one thing she doesn’t have control over…the HULK! Jennifer Walters’ greatest battle is about to begin. One that will pit her against the monster inside. Can she control the rage that consumed her cousin Bruce for so long? Or will she succumb to it? Find out when Tamaki and Leon bring you the can’t-miss HULK #1 – coming to comic shops and digital devices on December 28th!

Ms. Marvel Swings into Action in New LEGO Playset

Kamala Khan makes her first LEGO minifig appearance, joining the previously announced She-Hulk in upcoming sets we’re excited about.

Amazon Japan released photos of LEGO Group’s newest Marvel Superheroes playset, #76076: Captain America Jet Pursuit — which is set for release early next year. The set allows you to play as Cap, duking it out with B-list villain the “Super-Adaptoid” while piloting a jet. While all of that seems perfectly nice, the real excitement is the other hero that’s included in the box: Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel.

lego-marvel-76076-captain-america-jet-pursuit-box-set-1While Cap has dozens of minifig versions to his name, this is the first time that Ms. Marvel has been rendered as a fig, and LEGO went all-out. To replicate her stretchy shapeshifting powers, LEGO has given her a set of elongated poseable arms connected to massive fists that are unique to Kamala.

It’s also the first time Super Adaptoid has been a minifig. Probably. I mean. honestly who cares? We have Kamala Khan here!

LEGO Set 76076: Captain America Jet Pursuit
LEGO Set 76076: Captain America Jet Pursuit

With the addition of Kamala, this set actually manages to one-up the previous coolest announced upcoming set, Hulk vs. Red Hulk, which qs unveiled at San Diego ComicCon this year. It features the first ever minifigs of She-Hulk, Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk. As well as some giant dune-buggy things that I assume the Hulks will throw at one another while yelling, “Hulk Smash!”

Hulk vs. Red Hulk
Hulk vs. Red Hulk


Women of Marvel Enter the ‘Rock Candy’ Collectible Line

After a successful launch with DC’s female heroes,  Funko’s Rock Candy line of 5″ vinyl figures has expanded to include heroines from the Marvel universe. The initial Marvel lineup consists of Captain Marvel, She Hulk, Spider-Gwen and Thor — with a hooded Spider-Gwen variant exclusive to Hot Topic and a glow-in-the-dark She Hulk that can only be found at Walmart.

The Marvel Rock Candy line up will hit retailers in December. I know what I want in my stocking…