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You can meet a lot of wonderful people on the comics convention circuit, and one of our favorite discoveries of the past year was our new friends at ESJ Cosplay.

Made up of cosplayer Emi and design team Sendy (mom) and Jose (dad); ESJ Cosplay has been knocking it out of the park with fantastic costume after fantastic costume — doing multiple conventions and multiple costumes  every year.

You can follow ESJ Cosplay on Instagram (@esjcosplay) or Twitter (@EmSeJo).


Hasbro Forgot Rey (Again) In Star Wars Monopoly Set #WheresRey

Hasbro launched a new version of Star Wars Monopoly, and in doing so they have created a great disturbance in the force. Once again, they have left out Rey, the main character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and included no other women in the set.

Star Wars Monoopoly
Star Wars Monopoly

The game description on the Hasbro web site says:

Includes Episode VII and Legacy tokens

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker represent the “Legacy” tokens — fair enough, I guess. But the Episode VII tokens are villain Kylo Ren and … second lead Finn. The choice to exclude the main character of Rey yet again is not only puzzling for logistical reasons, it deprives gamers of the opportunity to play as a woman. (Adding more tokens so we could include Han and Leia would have been a great choice.)

Many retailers are marketing this as Star Wars: The Force Awakens Monopoly. How will parents explain to their daughters that the main character from the movie is not an option for them when they play the game?

Reaction has been swift and brutal on social media, but perhaps no one put it as eloquently as this little girl.

We’re not sure if Hasbro thinks that girls don’t play Monopoly or that they don’t like Star Wars. Both assumptions are incorrect. It’s 2016, Hasbro. Time to get with the program.


h/t Legion of Leia