Cartoon Network Accidentally Confirms New Justice League Cartoon

A Reddit Mystery

The rumors started last month when Reddit user UnknownJ25 posted a photo purportedly taken at Cartoon Network headquarters, showing a wall covered in posters for shows both current and planned. Fans quickly zoomed in on the poster on the far right that appeared to advertise an heretofore unknown new JLA cartoon.

Alleged photo of a wall in Cartoon Network HQ
Alleged photo of a wall in Cartoon Network HQ

There was no way to confirm the authenticity of the photo, and Cartoon Network certainly wasn’t saying anything, so the existence of the cartoon remained pure speculation.

Blame Canada

That’s where things would still stand today if not for the intrepid reporting of James Harvey from the Canadian superhero website World’s Finest. Harvey suspected that the photo was real, so he posed a question to Cartoon Network Canada on Facebook:

Hello. I was wondering if CARTOON NETWORK CANADA would be airing JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION later this year?  Cartoon Network Canada responded  We will be premiering a new Justice League series, but not likely until next fall.
JLA Confirmed

So Cartoon Network Canada’s Facebook guy accidentally confirmed the existence of a super-secret Justice League cartoon tentatively named Justice League Action that will be released next year sometime.


Fans were understandably ecstatic, and word of the new series spread like wildfire. So much so that Cartoon Network Canada attempted this rather insulting bit of damage control later that same day.

Damage Control (not he new Marvel show)
Damage Control (not he new Marvel show)

Are you buying this?

Me neither.

Ready for Justice League Action, coming to Canada next fall.