Superman Joins the Cast of Supergirl

Supergirl and Superman
Supergirl and Superman

Kara finally gets a visit from her famous cousin in a two-part season opener.

Supergirl was very careful its freshman year to keep the title character front an center by only giving us oblique references to Kara’s more famous cousin, Kal-El a.k.a. Superman. But now that she has established herself, the executives have decided that she can have a famous visitor for her first few episodes.

Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) is the latest actor to fill Superman’s blue tights. The Man of Steel will join forces with the Maid of Might in a two-part season opener as the heroic drama makes its way to the CW after a single season at CBS.

Fans have also caught glimpses of Hoechlin dressed as Superman on the streets of Vancouver where Supergirl now films. We collected a few videos from the set that have cropped up on Twitter in the past few days for your edification.

And some still photos of Hoechlin in his alter ego of Clark Kent have also recently surfaced. (Does it weird anyone else out that Jimmy Olsen towers over Superman?

Supergirl will return with a two-part premiere this fall on the CW.