Sexist Batgirl T-Shirt Pulled from Shelves

Batgirl T-Shirt: Target Australia
Batgirl T-Shirt: Target Australia

Target Australia under fire after offering a shirt suggesting Batgirl’s duties include dry-cleaning and washing the Batmobile.

When Facebook user “Ninac Ollins” found a Batgirl t-shirt shirt online and called out Target for the sexist messaging she believes it contains. She posted on Target Australia’s Facebook page:

Target, can you explain why you are selling something as offensive as this in your stores currently? What message are you intending on sending to young girls? I’m insulted that you present a future where our daughters need to complete their ‘home duties’ before they can go out and save the world. We know that working mothers still do more housework than their spouses, we don’t need you to perpetuate this inequity.

The post received hundreds of comments both in support and opposition, and was shared more than 100 times. Target eventually replied with a statement.

Hi everyone. After reviewing and reading our customers concerns on the Batgirl tee, we have decided to remove the shirt from our stores. It was never Target’s intention to offend our customers with this item. We appreciate everyone leaving feedback today.

While “Ollins” post was the one that got all of the attention, she was not the first person to attempt to bring it to Target’s attention. On August 24th, Shelley Wedemeyer‎ also posted on Target Australia’s Facebook page, with much less attention.

Target, are you serious? In a world where so many are fighting so hard for equality for our daughters, you put this on your shelves? Speechless.

This isn’t the first time Target has been in hot water for how it markets to girls. Last year they released an exclusive Star Wars: The Force Awakens action figure set that excluded main character Rey and a t-shirt that replaced Leia with Luke in an iconic Star Wars scene.

However, they were also one of the first major retailers in North America to eliminate gender signs in their toy department. And their Pillowfort home decor line for kids is gender neutral. And now they have removed the shirt. So they appear to be a company that is trying, but still makes mistakes.

So let’s not be too hard on Target. They are learning.

Editor’s Note: Target and Target Australia are actually completely separate companies. They are allowed to use the same logo due to vagrancies in international trademark law.  We apologize for the confusion