Oscar-Winner Lupita Nyong’o Is in Talks to Join “Black Panther”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years A Slave)  is in talks to join the upcoming Black Panther helmed and written by Creed director Ryan Coogler. Nyong’o would join Chadwick Boseman, who premiered the titular character in this summer’s Captain America: Civil War.

Nyong’o would reportedly play the love interest in the film. It’s unknown whether the love interest will be an established character from the comics or a new character developed for the film. While T’Challa has had different love interests, his most prominent partner is Storm from the X-Men, who was his wife for a significant period of time. That can’t happen in the MCU because 20th Century Fox still owns the film rights to the character. So N’yong’o’s possible role is a mystery.

Black Panther hits theaters on Feb. 2, 2018.