Never Fear, Super Blanky Is Here

When we first started Heroic Girls, one of our earliest, best and most enthusiastic supporters was Karen Czarnik, creator of Super Blanky. She liked our posts, retweeted our articles and helped spread the word about our young cause.

A Super Blanky is a blanket for kids with sleeves sewn at the top. The sleeves allow it to be worn as a cape. It comes in a variety of colors and there is a wide selection of superheroic symbols that can be sewn on the back. A reversible domino mask is also included in the package. A few weeks ago, Karen sent us two Super Blankies for Anya and Stella. After playing with them for a while, I think it’s time we shared our thoughts.

Simply put, Super Blankies are fantastic gifts for kids. My girls absolutely loved them. Within seconds of opening the package, the masks were on, the blankies were in cape mode, and the kids were zooming around the house playing superhero. This is the most important thing that Super Blanky does: it sparks the imaginations of children and encourages them to engage in creative play away from television, tablet or computer. The kids invented their own superheroic names and had countless adventures. They slept in them the first three days.

The second thing I will say to recommend Super Blanky is that they are exceptionally well made. At some point in the past, I won a Snuggie in a white elephant gift exchange. I was surprised at how paper-thin it was, and it began to disintegrate after a single wash. That is not going to happen with Super Blanky. The fabric is pleasingly heavy and the stitching feels super-heavy duty. In short, it feels as rough and tumble as my kids. Even the masks are quality products, made of nice fabric with quilting instead of cheap plastic or thin, hardened fabric.

A Super Blanky costs between $23.99$38.99, and you can buy accessories such as wrist cuffs, tie belts and extra masks for just a bit more. Instead of paying for cheaply made product featuring a licensed hero from a giant conglomerate, you are paying for a quality product that sparks kids’ imaginations made by a small business. Christmas is around the corner. Just sayin’.

Super Blanky is a great idea, well executed. I have absolutely no problems giving it our whole-hearted endorsement.  If you are looking for a great gift for a superheroic kid, you don’t need to look any further than this. If we had a “Heroic Girls seal of quality,” we would give it to Karen and her team. We might actually have to invent one just to give it to her.

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