Netflix Orders Second Season of Jessica Jones

Break out the bourbon and the sarcastic wit, Netflix just ordered up a second helping of Jessica Jones.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Netflix confirmed the news during its the Television Critics Association’s press tour sessions on Sunday.

Although details are scarce, it was confirmed that the show was renewed for a full 13 episodes, and that showrunner Melissa Rosenberg will still be firmly in the driver’s seat. No release date was announced.

Rosenberg did tell reporters, “I think I just want to continue with her character. She’s a very damaged character and her damage goes beyond Kilgrave [David Tennant]. There’s a lot to mine from in her backstory and in her present day situation. I think we’ll find something.”

In other exciting news, Netflix also mentioned that more Marvel spin-offs might be on the way.

When asked about spinning off characters from the streaming company’s current crop of Marvel titles into stand-alone shows, Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos told reporters Sunday that “any character that’s in there is on the table … It’s always possible. All the characters in the universe could also spin out.”

Top on my list would be a show for Patsy Walker, a.k.a. Hellcat, but we are also going to get a look at the Punisher and Elektra in the upcoming second season of Daredevil. Anyone else out there that we’re not thinking of?