Marvel Rising Merch Hits Store Shelves with Dolls, Clothing and More

Marvel Rising Merch

On the heels of the successful animated feature Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, Marvel is launching a full product line of dolls, apparel, dress up and toys to give girls (and boys) more ways to show their love of the heroes and explore that love through play.

This puts the Marvel Rising firmly in the same space as Mattel’s popular DC Super Hero Girls franchise, but with a greater focus on heroics rather than teen relationship drama. It will be interesting to see how kids respond to the new female-led hero line, and if there is a difference in how the franchises encourage play.

So let’s take a look at the merch. Captain Marvel is noticeably absent, presumably because she will receive a much larger push of merchandise related to her upcoming solo movie, but everyone else is represented by a wide variety of products.


First up are the dolls, which come in both hero and everyday wear varieties. The dolls are a hybrid that land somewhere between action figures and fashion dolls. They are fashion-doll sized and have removable clothing and stranded hari, but they also have a lot of points of articulation that would allow for more dynamic and active play.


Next-up clothing. While the character Ts are always appreciated, we also get some cool bonuses like a scarf to go with the Ms. Marvel shirt, a denim vest sweatshirt and a completely awesome squirrel-themed hoodie that I am praying is made in adult sizes.


Only a few toys have been announced: a Ghost-Spider Web-Shooter and a set of Marvel Rising Walkie Talkies.

Dress-Up/Halloween Costumes

And to further encourage imaginative play, there are both dress-up and Halloween costumes hitting the shelves featuring core members Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel and Ghost-Spider.

That’s all that has been announced so far. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.