Kamala Khan and Carol Danvers’ Friendship Appears to Be Over

Choose Your Side: Ms. Marvel
Choose Your Side: Ms. Marvel

…at least for the time being.

The latest promo art for Marvel’s Civil War II has hit the Internet, and it appears that Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) no longer regards Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) as her hero.

Civil War II is the upcoming sequel to the wildly successful comic series that pitted Captain America vs. Iron Man and has been translated into movie form for this summer’s Captain America: Winter Soldier.

In this second Civil War, a new hero emerges that can predict the future. After the death of a “major hero,” Captain Marvel and her faction believes that they should use this new ability to take out villains before they actually commit the crimes. Iron Man and his cohorts believe that you can’t punish someone for something they have not even done yet.

It appears that Ms. Marvel is firmly “Team Tony” this time out.

Putting Captain Marvel as the lead of one of the two factions elevates her profile in the Marvel Universe considerably, and may be the beginning of the extended promotion of the character who will be the first female Marvel hero to get her own movie in the MCU.