How One Comic Shop Fixed Funko’s Star Wars Mistake

When the original cast got back together for Star Wars: The Force Awakens there was one notable change: Leia was no longer a princess. She was a “general.” In fact, Leia not only no longer goes by “princess,” she actively dislikes the title.

It was a plot point in the film, that was expanded upon in the novelization by Alan Dean Foster:

Tekka smiled at some secret thought. “‘General.’ To me, she’s royalty.”

“Yeah, but don’t call her Princess,” Poe told him. “Not to her face. She doesn’t like it anymore. Really doesn’t like it.”

So it was beyond puzzling when Funko released the adorable Leia Pop Figure from the movie and labeled it “Princess Leia.”

"Princess Leia" Funko Pop
“Princess Leia” Funko Pop

The decision was truly baffling. Which s why one comic shop decided to take matters into their own hands, and correct Funko’s mistake by hand. Twitter user “Sarah Z” shared the awesome details.

I’m not saying that everyone that reads this should go to their local comic shop and do the exact same thing — but I’m definitely not saying that you shouldn’t go to your LCS and “fix” every single General Leia figure with a marker, Post-It Notes and love.