Gillian Anderson Throws Her Hat in the Ring to Be the Next Bond

Bond. Jane Bond.

That’s the role Gillian Anderson has set her sights on after an unnamed fan mocked up a poster of the actor as a female version of Britain’s most famous spy. Anderson retweeted the image and it took the Internet by storm.

Anderson joins a crowded list of actors vying to succeed the outgoing Daniel Craig as 007. Bookies actually stopped accepting bets that Tom Hiddleston would get the part. Other names reportedly in the mix are Idris Elba and  Damian Lewis from Homeland.

Much as it has for some comics characters, a gender switch might reinvigorate a formula that has has felt stale as of late. But as much excitement as the idea has for some fans, of course there is another contingent that feels that any change to a character like Bond would be bad — complaining that the switch would mean “the end of Bond Girls” among other things.

But writer Clara Mae found a solution to that problem that even the most red-blooded straight male can probably get behind.

Excellent point.