First Look: Ruby Rose as Batwoman

Batwoman Header

The CW set the Internet on fire this morning by releasing the first photo of Ruby Rose (Orange Is the New Black) as Batwoman. Batwoman will  be  the  focus  of this year’s Arrowverse crossover  “Elseworlds” — an event that will introduce the Batwoman and unite the heroes from Supergirl, Arrow and the Flash to  fight a menace that threatens all of their worlds.

Some fans were unhappy with Rose’s casting because they felt she wasn’t “gay  enough” or “the right kind of gay” to play lesbian socialite Kate Kane, Batwoman’s alter-ego.  the ensuing Twitter furor chased Rose off of social media. But no one is complaining about this suit.

The costume was designed by four-time Academy-Award winner Colleen Atwood, and it closely mirrors the iconic design from the comics with it’s blood-red bat-symbol and  accents and  the striking shock of red hair exiting the cowl. (In both the comics and the show, that hair is a wig. –Ed.)

After the Elseworlds event, Rose is set to reprise Batwoman as the star of her own series set to debut in 2019.  Getting excited about this because of single still publicity photo would be irresponsible and stupid.

We’re really excited.

Ruby Rose  as "Batwoman"
Ruby Rose as “Batwoman”