Evangeline Lilly Gives Us Our First Glimpse of the ‘Wasp’ in Costume

Lilly posted a set photo that shows her wearing the iconic costume (minus the classic color scheme.)

The buzz around Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, grew a little louder this week, as Evangeline Lily tweeted the first official picture of herself in the Wasp’s new suit. The suit is undoubtedly an upgrade from the previous half-finished prototype we glimpsed post-credits in the original Ant-Man, however we did notice one very large, missing detail:

No wings — at least, not yet.

The costume forgoes the Wasp’s traditional yellow and black color scheme, and instead opted for a more subdued metallic, earth-toned look with red accents. It still showcases an insane attention to detail with its obviously complicated meshwork. It’s unclear if the wings are simply not visible in this shot, or if they will be added in later by CGI, but based on the amount of effort and detail put into that suit, we expect that when the wings do make an appearance, they will be spectacular.

Ant-Man and the Wasp will be the first Marvel movie with a female superhero’s name in the title. Lily has worked tirelessly for months to get into super-heroic shape for the role, is officially suited up, and we are so ready for it.

It would be rude not get excited for Lilly, since she selflessly bought us all tickets to the gun show…