Elektra Assassin by Anya

ElektraElektra AssassinSo Anya (my nine year old) spotted the copy of Elektra #1 that I had left out and was inspired to draw Elektra on her own. She has not read any of the comics, but she loved the very cool Mike Del Mundo cover and used it as the starting point for her own work.

When she was finished, I sent it to Mike on Twitter, and he sent some encouraging words back, which Anya loved. She immediately asked what other hero she could draw.

Seeing as we already had Elektra, I suggested Daredevil. She plopped down in front of the computer to look up some reference images. Suddenly, I heard “Ewwww!”

I looked over. Anya wanted pictures of Daredevil, but decided to abbreviate and had searched Google for images tagged “DD.”

Luckily, Safesearch was on.