Diane Guerrero Wants To Play Green Lantern Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz. - Diane Guerro

Dianne Guerrero is absolutely killing it as ‘Crazy Jane’ on the DC Universe/HBO Max television adaptation of Doom Patrol, but she has her sights set a little higher if she ever gets a chance to play another DC hero. Guerra wants a shot at playing Green Lantern Corps member Jessica Cruz.

During a “take over” of the Doom Patrol Twitter account. Guerrero was asked what DC character she would like to play if she wasn’t playing Crazy Jane. Cruz was her immediate answer.

Guerrero is more than a little familiar with the character, having voiced Cruz in the DC direct-to-video animated movie Justice League vs. The Fatal Five just last year.

Cruz is the latest human to be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, a paramilitary intergalactic police force dedicated to providing law and order across the galaxy. According to DC Comics, Cruz is both Mexican-American and Honduran-American, and currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

The last time DC attempted to bring a Green Lantern to the big screen was Ryan Reynolds turn as Hal Jordan in 2011’s disastrous Green Lantern. Going in a different direction and making a movie about Cruz would be a way to take another bite at the “Green Lantern” apple while distancing themselves from a notorious flop.

The second season of Doom Patrol is available to stream now on DC Universe and HBO Max.