‘Dark Phoenix’ Movie Gets a Release Date

Dark Phoenix

In a press recent conference, 20th Century Fox dropped a ton of release dates for movies in production, but the one that jumped out at us was Dark Phoenix, now slated for release on November 2nd of next year..

After the financial and critical disappointment of X-Men: Apocalypse, people were unsure what came n

X-Men #135
X-Men #135

ext for the flagship mutant franchise. Spin-offs like Deadpool 2 and New Mutants were moving along, but the studio was uncharacteristically quiet about the proposed third movie in their rebooted X-Men franchise, X-Men Supernova.

Things became more clear when the movie was refocused and retitled Dark Phoenix. The emphasis would clearly be on telepath Jean Grey, played by Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. In the comics, Grey becomes a threat to the entire world when she becomes possessed and corrupted by the “Phoenix Force” a cosmic being of incalculable power.

Eventually, she is becomes such a danger to the Earth that her fellow X-Men are forced to kill her. Whether the movies will send Grey down that same dark path remains to be seen.