Kelly Sue DeConnick

Interview: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Kelly Sue DeConnick is one of the hottest writers in comics right now. After retooling Carol Danvers to make her the new Captain Marvel, DeConnick capitalized on her success to launch the creator-owned titles Pretty Deadly and Bitch Planet. She most recently took over writing duties for DC’s Aquaman.

Whether simply creating well-rounded female characters like Captain Marvel, writing more explicitly feminist works like Bitch Planet, or directly motivating her social media followers with tools like her Bitches Get Things Done mailing list — DeConnick has found success as a writer not afraid to take a stand for what she believes in.

We (virtually) sat down with DeConnick for a Skype interview, where she talked about her favorite tattoos, how to pass the “Sexy Lamp Test” and the fact that all comics are political.

TEDx: Girls Can Be Their Own Superheroes

John Marcotte, founder of Heroic Girls, challenges the audience to look beyond what is labeled as “girly” or “feminine” to explore how such labels limit the potential of future generations.

The talk includes a clip from an earlier Heroic Girls video, Anya and Stella vs. Action Figures.

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