Black Cat and Silver Sable Movie in the Works at Sony

Sony has hired Thor:Ragnorak writer Christ Yost to pen a stand-alone Black Cat and Silver Sable movie according to Variety. When added to their recently announced Venom stand-alone movie, it looks like the studio is attempting to leverage the rights they have to Spider-Man and his supporting cast into its own interconnected superhero universe, although how that works when they have given shared custody of Spidey himself back to Marvel is unclear.

Silver Sable and Black Cat have been both allies and enemies to Spider-Man at various times. Sable is the leader of the Wild Pack, a group of mercenaries founded by her father to track down international criminals and recover stolen property. As the demand for criminal apprehension diminishes, Sable began hiring out the Wild Pack’s services to the highest bidder — good or bad.

Black Cat is one of the best international jewel and art thieves in the world. Her exploits brought her into repeated conflict with Spider-Man, but she also became interested in the hero romantically — and fought at his side multiple times to save innocent lives. More recently, she has reverted back to a far more dangerous version of herself, attempting to manipulate and kill Spider-Man.

Both characters work in a morally gray area that Spider-Man and other mainstream heroes are uncomfortable with. And it is possible to see them teaming up for some greater good, or to be in conflict with either one potentially assuming the role of the villain or the hero.

Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal are attached to produce.