Brave Girls Alliance

We are here to ask media creators to expand their version of what it means to be a girl, and recognize our girls as whole, complex people and not as gender stereotypes. Stop profiting from selling girls short.




  1. Hi,

    I am Shagun Parab, a student at the Indian School of Design & Innovation, Mumbai. I am currently in my third year studying graphic design.
    For a research and collaborative class for school, I am working on the topic of beauty advertisements and how they could affect the self esteem of women along with the high standards of beauty which society has set for women in terms of looks, body shape and weight.
    I was looking for a few professionals to collaborate with and to know if you needed any work to be done for your blog/page, related to my topic. So if you think we could collaborate or I could do any work for you, related to my topic, please do contact me.

    Thank you,
    Shagun Parab.

  2. […] e afferma ci siano molteplici film, libri e filmati al riguardo. Inoltre cita il suo sito web, la Brave Girls Alliance e l’attivista Julia Bloom, che all’età di 14 anni fece una petizione a Seventeen […]

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