Ben Shapiro Complains About Female Jedi Because “Star Wars Is Essentially A Little Boys Property”

Conservative commentator and “Joe” from Blue’s Clues lookalike Ben Shapiro lashed out at Disney and the Star Wars franchise again on his daily podcast/syndicated radio program The Ben Shapiro Show.

The kerfuffle started when a listener asked Shapiro what he though Disney should do with the Star Wars franchise after the “failure” of the sequels. (Cumulative box office approx. $6.5 BILLION dollars. -Ed.) In a move that surprised no one, Shapiro thought they should go to “The Dark Side.”

“The truth about what makes the Star Wars universe interesting is the Dark Side of the Force,” Shapiro told the fan. “All the focus on the Jedi is a lot less interesting than the focus on the Dark Side of the Force and its seductiveness. And so I guess the High Republic is supposed to be like the prequels. It’s based on other Jedi, which is fine, I mean that’s all fine. They haven’t rolled down exactly how SJW this is all going to be.”

Shapiro’s disdain for “Social Justice Warriors”is well known, his insightful analysis of pop culture, less so. He continued to philosophize about why by adding Social Justice Warriors to the movies based on mythical warriors that fight for social justice, Disney was ruining the franchise.

“I know that Disney, kind of imagined in years and decided that they were only going to have female heroes from now on, which is absurd because Star Wars is essentially a little boys’ property,” he continued.

The idea that Star Wars is a “little boys’ property” ignores the massive financial success of the recent sequels, the fact that Princess Leia was an inspiration and a role model to multiple generations of little girls, and the cold hard reality that millions of little boys devoured the sequels — because having a female lead does not make them any less enjoyable for boys.

Ben Shapiro

After finishing his show, Shapiro presumably returned to his basement and watched He-Man cartoons alone in the dark while thinking about how girls are “icky.”