What if comic-book heroes looked like average Americans?

John Marcotte

John Marcotte

Secret identity of a father raising two super-heroic young girls

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  1. Brian says:

    I’d suggest two routes that make sense: 1) draw men and women like fairly average folks (a la the modifications above), or b) draw inspiration not from porn or fashion models, but elite athletes. Gymnasts, track athletes, swimmers. That’ll cut out a lot of 14-inch waists and triple-H cups on the heroines, but I’m down with that. Show me a Black Widow who looks like a reasonably in-shape person or show me one who looks like the peak of athletic perfection because, story-wise, that makes sense. Logically, neither Batman nor Batgirl would have a beer belly because they’re Olympic-level athletes. I’ll buy that kind of “extraordinariness,” because I’m also comfortable with a world where, I dunno, Louis CK is not gonna get cast as Thor. (Although … what a movie that’d be, huh?)

    And draw more ordinary characters with a wider range of body types. Lois Lane may “need” to be “beautiful,” but she doesn’t have to look like a Cosmo cover. And let’s not even get into Amanda Waller …

    (And to reiterate, I’m also okay with the super folks lookin’ generally like folks, and even not dressing them in absolutely skintight spandex/leather all the time such that I have to contemplate their undergarment sizing or degree of ab sculpting. Can’t we all just fight crime?)