Warner Bros., DC and Mattel Launch ‘DC Super Hero Girls’

John Marcotte

John Marcotte

Secret identity of a father raising two super-heroic young girls

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2 Responses

  1. Jessie says:

    The comments from my 7 year old superhero loving daughter: “Why do they look like princesses in superhero costumes?” “Poison Ivy looks like Ariel and Super Girl looks like Rapunzel.” In regards to the “Just for girls” statement in the article, she responded with “But what about the boys? I know boys who like the girl heroes too.”

    I know this is supposed to be progress, I guess, but it still feels like segregating the female heroes out. Part of what makes the originals so cool is that they fight alongside the male heroes because, duh, Superheroes.

    So far, not sold on this.

    • John Marcotte John Marcotte says:

      We’ve had similar thoughts. My comment was “they look like they are ready so save the fairies of Gumdrop Forest rather than to take on the minions of Darkseid.”

      The three mitigating factors are:

      1) Any superheroes for girls is better than no superheroes for girls; and

      2) This appears to skew really young. The superheroes for young boys are also pretty cartoonish and friendly looking, rather than tough; and

      3) My Little Pony looked like overly sweet confection for girls as well, but it kicked butt. We’re willing to at least let them get this out the door before judging it too harshly.