Scooby Doo and The Mystery of the Disappearing Girls

John Marcotte

John Marcotte

Secret identity of a father raising two super-heroic young girls

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3 Responses

  1. Jana says:

    although the Mystery Machine set is not $20, it is $29.99. if someone found it for twenty, let me know where!

    but yep, it stinks that LEGO dismisses the female characters, only wants to point boys to the Star Wars sets [Star Wars is for EVERYONE], and continues with the watered-down Friends series for girls.

    • You are correct. I was convinced that was the price I found it for at Target, but either it went off sale, or I accidentally wrote down the price for the “Mystery Plane” set. I will fix.

  2. Why would they do that? Sounds like we got another mystery on our hands…