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T-Shirt Ninjas

When the wife is away, the t-shirt ninjas come out to play.

Anya & Stella Take WonderCon

There is that surreal moment when Kelly Sue Deconnick recognizes your daughter from Tumblr and calls her and her sister to the front of the line to take a photo — but I’m ahead...

Anya & Stella Take Wizard World

I was asked to be on a panel at the inaugural Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con, so we took the opportunity to break out the girls’ costumes and walk the floor a little while....

Sacramento Kings Superhero Night

Better photos of costume contest winners Anya (Squirrel Girl) and Stella (Captain Marvel) at the Sacramento Kings Superhero Night. I had not seen these, and I did not know that Stella got a picture...

Swear To Stella

I showed the girls a few select scenes from Batman Begins the other day. Since then, at random times, Stella will now run up to me and yell, “SWEAR TO ME!!!!” Best. Kid. Ever.