Heroic Girls More Than Cute

Get Ready to Pledge Allegiance to ‘America’

Check out our preview of America Chavez’s solo series, coming in March. Everyone’s favorite no-nonsense, hard-hitting heroine – America Chavez – is now starring in her very own series! That’s right, True Believer, it’s...

Time to Be a Hero

The attempt to ban people from entering the United States based on their Muslim faith and to deny haven to refugees fleeing from war and death is morally reprehensible and against the very precepts this country was founded on. What use is it to promote the idea of the heroic ideal if we are unwilling to stand up for what is good and right when the world has gone horribly wrong?

The Best Comics of 2016 for Kids and Teens

While there are many great comics that speak to both genders, it can be especially hard to find age-appropriate comic books for kids that feature girls or women as protagonists. It is also important...