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ESJ Cosplay as X-23

Cosplay We Love: X-23 by ESJ Cosplay

The first time we met the family behind ESJ Cosplay, they were at WonderCon showing off a wonderful Laura Kinney a.k.a. “X-23” a.k.a. “Wolverine” cosplay that grabbed our attention immediately.  Two years later, we were...

Batgilr shirt header

Sexist Batgirl T-Shirt Pulled from Shelves

Target Australia under fire after offering a shirt suggesting Batgirl’s duties include dry-cleaning and washing the Batmobile. When Facebook user “Ninac Ollins” found a Batgirl t-shirt shirt online and called out Target for the sexist messaging she...

Agent Carter

Saving Agent Carter

It’s looking impossible at the moment, but Agent Carter will return if the producer, the star and the fans have anything to say about it. It was a sad morning in May when fans...