Heroic Girls More Than Cute


Power Girl at Free Comic Book Day

What does Power Girl eat to get ready to pound some bad guys? Pound cake of course. Anya’s Huntress costume was too hot for the Sacramento summer (and her mask broke in two) so...


Power Girl and “Her Business”

Stella comes into the office holding the Power Girl action figure my wife bought for her, and she tells me the following: “Power Girl looks just like me in my costume, except for (gesturing...

Picking up some comics.

World’s Finest Kids Celebrate a Win

Empire’s Comics Vault threw a party for Anya and Stella to celebrate their win for Best Costumes at Sac-Con. There was cake, comics and pug dogs — so we had all the basics covered.


Power Girl & The Huntress

My daughter Anya loves comics and really wanted to be The Huntress for Halloween. Since we couldn’t make a costume for her and leave her sister out, we decided to recreate the current “World’s...


Next, on Face-Off

I bought the girls a jumbo egg of “Silly Putty” today. I came out of the kitchen and found them playing Face-Off (per the SyFy special effects and makeup show) with an old dummy head...


Stella is She-Ra

There was an extended stretch of time when we did not have cable TV. We had about 12 or so local channels and one of them showed children’s programming all day (and night.) It...