Heroic Girls More Than Cute


The Defenders?

Anya said, “That’s not the Defenders, that’s the Avengers. Well, except for the Hulk. He’s on both teams. Hey, that’s a Jack Kirby Captain America.” Oh my god, what have I created?


Anya Rose as Squirrel Girl

Anya chose Squirrel Girl for her costume this year. she loved the look and thought the idea the she took out Dr. Doom and Thanos was hilarious. Honestly, Stella wanted to be Squirrel Girl...


Mess With the Girl, Get the Squirrel

Squirrel Girl’s tail is almost done. We got the fur at abargain basement price after the woman at the fabric store checked to make sure “We weren’t going to Burning Man.” We filled it...


Swear To Stella

I showed the girls a few select scenes from Batman Begins the other day. Since then, at random times, Stella will now run up to me and yell, “SWEAR TO ME!!!!” Best. Kid. Ever.


Anya Walks the Line

Listening to Johnny Cash: The American Albums in the office. Anya comes in. Anya: Who is this? Me: It’s Justin Beiber. Anya: If Justin Beiber sounded like this, I might actually listen to him....


Anya & Stella Go Disney

Anya and Stella were the inspiration for another great sketch! Tom Bancroft, a veteran Disney animator who has recently turned to comics and kids books found the photo and illustrated it. I need to...

Homemade T-Shirts

Heroic T-Shirts

The girls and I decided to do a craft project tonight as Patti was at Costco buying 55 gallon drums of Miracle Whip and other such bargains. I picked up some iron-on transfers and plain...