Heroic Girls More Than Cute

like a girl

Like a Girl

We desperately need messages like this out there to reach girls early and inoculate them against the societal forces that would tear them down.



Frost Blade She was in an explotion at an ice cream shop. She was alive. But she had swalloed 52 ice cubes! She was so cold that one side of her face was covered...

Stella Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel by Stella

Stella wanted to help me with “paperwork” today. I suggested that drawing a superhero would be helpful. She returned a little later with her rendition of Captain Marvel. Eat your heart out Jamie McKelvie.


Of Boys and Princesses

As part of my carpool duties, twice a week I pick up a friend’s boys, Logan* and Wyatt*, from school in addition to my two girls. Logan is Anya’s age (9) and Wyatt is...


Elektra Assassin by Anya

So Anya (my nine year old) spotted the copy of Elektra #1 that I had left out and was inspired to draw Elektra on her own. She has not read any of the comics,...

T-shirt ninjas rule the kitchen

T-Shirt Ninjas

When the wife is away, the t-shirt ninjas come out to play.

Stella, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Anya

Anya & Stella Take WonderCon

There is that surreal moment when Kelly Sue Deconnick recognizes your daughter from Tumblr and calls her and her sister to the front of the line to take a photo — but I’m ahead...

Met these lovely cosplayers out front.

Anya & Stella Take Wizard World

I was asked to be on a panel at the inaugural Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con, so we took the opportunity to break out the girls’ costumes and walk the floor a little while....


Under a Brazillian Moon

I’ve been reading The Hobbit to the girls every night. It’s holding their attention but I stop every now and then to make sure they are getting some of the vocabulary. Last night, we...