Heroic Girls More Than Cute

Batman Set - Target

Target Removed All the Girls from Gotham

Target has had some bad luck with gender diversity in their action figure sets. Even as the action figure aisle has included more and more women, Target’s exclusive sets remain very much a boys’...

Boy Barbie header

Barbie for Boys: Progress or Gimmick?

This one is complicated. Mattel’s Barbie has entered into a partnership with Italian luxury goods designer Moschino to make exclusive Moschino-themed dolls. To announce the launch of the limited edition dolls, Moschino put out a...

Jessica Jones

The Last Jessica Jones Promo Has Arrived

Admittedly, we thought the last Jessica Jones promo we shared was the last Jessica Jones promo, but here’s another. The show debuts on November 20th, so they only have five more days to get...