Hasbro Forgot Rey (Again) In Star Wars Monopoly Set #WheresRey

John Marcotte

John Marcotte

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5 Responses

  1. mike says:

    Finn was a ringer character to pull the twist on viewers. I’d say them showing Finn instead of Rey is just an attempt to avoid spoilers since these probably came out before the movie during forcefriday. You can’t really say Hasbro isn’t trying. Their marvel and star wars action figure lines are flooded with female characters right now that are warming pegs. They are trying. You can’t blame Hasbro if the products don’t get sold if they do try. This one is say is either the brand manager choice or trying to keep them spoiler free.

    And btw I buy my little girl marvel/disney/tmnt/Star wars/barbie/anything in between so I’m definitely not against the idea at all.

    • The female Marvel characters warming the pegs are the same ones that have never appeared in a film. On the other hand, Gamora and Black Widow were perpetually sold out.

      Leia was nowhere near as plot-centric as Rey. The only figure I remember clogging shelves was that hideous. Slave Girl Leia Black Figure. It was ugly as sin. so adult collectors avoided it, and what kid – boy or girl — wants the slave girl in a metal bikini figure?

      The teaser trailer, poster and other toys had all been released confirming Rey’s centrality to the plot. Including her figure would not have ruined anything unless you stuck a lightsaber in her hand.

  2. pattilouwho says:

    Rey was in the advertising for the movie – I don’t buy for a second that Hasbro was attempting to avoid spoilers.

    • But nobody outside those directly involved with the film knew if she or Finn would be the lead. I don’t think Hasbro was attempting to avoid spoilers, they simply were not informed.

      • They knew. They’ve admitted they knew. Toy makers are informed in very general terms of the main characters and plot of a movie. They sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. I’ve signed them myself when I’ve done market consulting.

        I’ve interviewed Paul Southern at Lucasfilm. Rey’s prominence was not kept secret from licencors.