All-New, All-Different Wolverine Is All Girl?

John Marcotte

John Marcotte

Secret identity of a father raising two super-heroic young girls

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4 Responses

  1. powersergz says:

    I’m ready to lick yummy tears about this.

  2. burncatao says:

    Sideburns is Logan from Old Man Logan.

    • John Marcotte John Marcotte says:

      I figured that out. I was reading the silver hair as blonde and it threw me.

  3. The male “fanbase” has been ignoring the fact that the “Jane Foster” version of Thor was first thought up in What If? (volume 1) #10. So she was a worthy contender since August, 1979.

    As for the “old man,” that is a version of Wolverine dubbed “Old Man Logan.” Mark Millar introduced him and he is reintroduced during the Secret Wars. Both series are worth reading.