Heroic Girls More Than Cute

Ghostbusters (2016)

Ghostbusters: A Post Mortem

With sky-high expectations and an even higher budget, the rebooted Ghostbusters never stood a ghost of a chance. Anyone that ventured out to see Sony’s summer reboot of Ghostbusters can tell you that there’s one...


Marvel Exploring Misty Knight Solo Series

Luke Cage has not even hit television screens yet, and there is already talk about Simone Missick’s breakout performance as detective Misty Knight. Like Luke Cage himself, Misty Knight is an homage to the blaxploitation...

Superman Header

Superman Joins the Cast of Supergirl

Kara finally gets a visit from her famous cousin in a two-part season opener. Supergirl was very careful its freshman year to keep the title character front an center by only giving us oblique...