The Flash Promo Shows New Female Speedster ‘Trajectory’

The Flash is on hiatus, but they released a promo for the next episode to tide us over — and we get our first glance at Trajectory.

In the comics, Trajectory enjoyed a brief three-issue run as a superhero granted powers by Lex Luthor. She dreamed of joining the Teen Titans as the next Kid Flash. But when she proved difficult for Luthor to control, he stripped her of her powers in the middle of a battle with the supervillain Blockbuster, and she was killed.


The television version of Trajectory appears to be quite different — a petty thief who engages in high-speed mischief that gets attributed to the Flash. It will be interesting to see where her powers come from and just how “bad” she really is. Are we looking at the Flash’s version of Catwoman? Or is she part of a more sinister conspiracy?

In either case, another speedster is sure to catch the eye of this season’s “big bad” Zoom — which could put this Trajectory on the same tragic path as her comic-book predecessor.

The Flash episode “Trajectory” airs on the CW, Tuesday, March 22.

“The Flash” Casts Its First Female Speedster


Soap star Allison Paige has been cast as Eliza Harmon, a.k.s. “Trajectory,” and will make her debut in an episode later this year.

Trajectory was the name of a short-lived heroine introduced during the “52” crossover event a few years ago.  A lifelong fan of the Flash, Harmon volunteered for Lex Luthor’s “Everyman” project and received the gift of super-speed with the hope of one day becoming the new Kid Flash. Her story was cut tragically short when Luthor intentionally removed her powers during a battle with the supervillain Blockbuster.

The television version of Trajectory will give the Flash plenty of difficulty when she arrives in Central City and creates super-powered chaos — chaos that is blamed on the Flash.

Paige’s version of Trajectory will make her television debut on the CW in Episode 16 of season 2 of The Flash.

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