Comedian Jim Jefferies Shines a Light on Bigotry and ‘Diversity in Comics’

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies travelled to San Diego Comic-Con to speak with , Richard C. Meyer the founder of the ironically named ‘Diversity & Comics’ YouTube channel. Meyer is a central figure in the hate-fueled, anti-diversity Comicsgate movement which traces its origins to both the misogynistic bottom-feeders of Gamergate and the white-nationalist “alt-right” movement.

Jefferies balances Meyer’s bigotry by interviewing a diverse panel of cosplayers (and Doug), who make a passionate case that giving everyone a chance to see themselves on the pages of comics is a good thing — not the end of the industry as we know it.

Like Sacha Baron Cohen’s subversive interviews, Jefferies deepest cuts occur when he simply gets out of the way and allows Meyer to express himself in his own hate-filled words. But Jefferies parting comment does elegantly sum up the overall stupidity of Myers and the entire Comicsgate movement.

“Look, Richard’s clearly upset,” Jefferies said. “He can no longer pick up any comic book and instantly relate to the characters he sees. And that’s a real feeling, because it’s how women and minority groups have felt their entire lives. Wake the fuck up, Richard. The comics you don’t like aren’t written for you.”