Suicide Squad Is The DC Movie We Have Been Waiting For

We’ve been pretty underwhelmed by Warner Bros’ recent attempts to start a DC Cinematic Universe — until today. Farewell grim, joyless and colorless Zack Snyder drudgery. Writer/director David Ayers (Training Day, Fury) has found the fun in the DC Universe. It’s with the bad guys. The Suicide Squad.

The trailer for Suicide Squad dropped today, and it looks like DC might have a team movie that can compete with Marvel’s The Avengers, its just not the superhero team they thought it would be. While they are technically bad guys, the squad looks like they are having fun with their powers in a colorful and exciting world. So far, the same cannot be said for either Superman or Batman.

In the comics, the Suicide Squad is an elite black ops task force comprised entirely of supervillains (not “reformed supervillains” — just “supervillains”), who are given their freedom in exchange for going on the most dangerous and insane missions the government can dream up.

Led by the tough-as-nails Amanda Waller, members of the Suicide Squad have a bomb placed in their skulls that can be remotely detonated if they disobey orders or compromise the mission.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 8, 2016.

We can’t wait.