Artist to Watch: Sarah Burrini

Sarah Burrini is ready to make her mark at a major publisher.

Every now and then, we come across an artist that makes us wonder, “Why hasn’t she been snapped up by by a publisher yet?” German/Italian artist Sarah Burrini is the creator of the (currently on hiatus) German-language-but-translated-into-English webcomic Life Ain’t No Pony Farm. She has an amazing Tumblr feed full of great illustrations that scream “Hire me to do Lumberjanes covers, Boom! Studios!” or “Imagine me drawing Squirrel Girl, Marvel!”

We’ve put together a small gallery of her work below, followed by a five-page pitch for an original comic that she created with Shawn Alridge (Vertigo’s Dark & Bloody). They are currently shopping it around to comic publishers. I wonder who is going to get smart and snap her up and who is going to regret passing on her later?