Batwoman Is Back to Her Badass Self

As part of the new “Rebirth” storyline, DC has restored some luster to one of of its best and brightest female heroes. Batwoman has officially joined the cast of the revamped Detective Comics — which is now a team book, rather than us focusing solely on the exploits of Batman.

The new teams features younger heroes Red Robin, Spoiler and Orphan –and throws in a wildcard by including the villain Clayface trying for his shot at redemption.

But Batman needs someone to whip this newly-formed team into shape. And he chooses his cousin Kate Kane a.k.a. the military-trained Batwoman; a woman that Bruce trusts so much, he reveals his secret identity to her .. only to find out that she figured it out on her own more than a year ago.

Writer James Tynion uses this scene to make clear early on that Kate Kane is no one’s “sidekick.” She is every bit Batman’s equal and she won’t be taking a subordinate role to anyone. Batwoman is one of the greatest female heroes created in the past 10 years, and this is a welcome return to form for the character.

Detective Comics #934 is on shelves now.


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