Cloak and Dagger

‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger’ Trailer Released

Freeform television has released the first trailer for the upcoming Cloak & Dagger television show based on the Marvel Comic of the same name.

In the comics, Tyrone “Ty” Johnson (Cloak) and Tandy Bowen (Dagger) are teenage runaways that met on the streets of New York. Ty ran away from home in Boston after his speech impediment prevented him from saving his friend, who was shot by police who mistakenly thought he had robbed Tandy ran away from Shaker Heights because her wealthy supermodel mother ignored her and she felt lonely and alone.

The teens were kidnapped by the “maggia,” the Marvel Universe’s version of the mafia, which used them as guinea pigs to test a new form of synthetic heroin. All the other test subjects died, but Ty’s body became nebulous and He wrapped himself in a primitive cloak to give his body shape. He body became a gateway to a dark dimension, and he could trap people there and feed on their life force.

Conversely, Tandy was able to manifest daggers made of solid light.that she could mentally direct. They drain people of their life vitality when they struck.The daggers could also cure people of certain drug addictions.

Additionally, Ty was consumed with a dark hunger that only the life-force of others, or the lightness that filled Tandy could satiate. The teens used their newfound powers to wage war on New York’s criminal underworld – particularly those engaged in the drug trade.

The trailer appears to have lost the ’80s “War on Drugs” origin for the teens, instead showing them as the victims of an industrial accident perpetrated by Roxxon, an evil multinational corporation in the Marvel Universe. It did appear that they teens were runaways, but it’s not clear how much more of their origins are intact.

We see Ty in the cloak and Tandy brandishing a dagger.of light. We will have to see if the duos powers  are the same as the comics, or if their abilities have been adapted in the same way that their origins have.

Cloak & Dagger premieres on Freeform in 2018.