Anna Kendrick Wants to ‘Eat Nuts and Kick Butts’ as Squirrel Girl

During an interview with the web fashion magazine Net-A-Porter, Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick was asked whether she had ever considered playing a superhero. And with two small sentences, she set the internet ablaze:

My brother sent me a Squirrel Girl comic because he thinks I should [play her]. I don’t know what Squirrel Girl does other than be half squirrel, but I could be half squirrel!

I think I speak for us all when I say that Anna Kendrick’s brother is a mother-flipping genius. Marvel needs to lock this down now, as it may be the most inspired bit of superhero casting since Kendrick’s pal Ryan Reynolds suited up as Deadpool.

Squirrel Girl is one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Universe and Kendrick would be a perfect choice to play her. She physically looks the part, and her comedic timing would serve the surreal humor that generally follows SG wherever she goes.

Marvel has done a fantastic job building an elaborate shared universe, but I think it’s about time we had a stand-alone project where Nick Fury does not show up and no one is thwarting or attracting the attention of Thanos. Kendrick as Squirrel Girl should be that project. Marvel’s first true comedy.

They won’t even have to write a theme song.

Squirrel Girl Theme