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Stella Captain Marvel

Stella in New York

Stella: Daddy, is New York another country? Me: No, it’s a state; and in that state is New York City. People call it New York, too. Stella: So it’s real? Me: Yes. Stella: I...

Rocket Raccon

Stella, Rocket and Skottie

I got a Rocket Racoon promotional poster from our local comics shop, Empire’s Comics Vault, the other day. My girls, Anya (9) and Stella (6) have absolutely fallen in love with the Guardians of...



Frost Blade She was in an explotion at an ice cream shop. She was alive. But she had swalloed 52 ice cubes! She was so cold that one side of her face was covered...


Under a Brazillian Moon

I’ve been reading The Hobbit to the girls every night. It’s holding their attention but I stop every now and then to make sure they are getting some of the vocabulary. Last night, we...


The Defenders?

Anya said, “That’s not the Defenders, that’s the Avengers. Well, except for the Hulk. He’s on both teams. Hey, that’s a Jack Kirby Captain America.” Oh my god, what have I created?


Swear To Stella

I showed the girls a few select scenes from Batman Begins the other day. Since then, at random times, Stella will now run up to me and yell, “SWEAR TO ME!!!!” Best. Kid. Ever.


Anya Walks the Line

Listening to Johnny Cash: The American Albums in the office. Anya comes in. Anya: Who is this? Me: It’s Justin Beiber. Anya: If Justin Beiber sounded like this, I might actually listen to him....


Power Girl and “Her Business”

Stella comes into the office holding the Power Girl action figure my wife bought for her, and she tells me the following: “Power Girl looks just like me in my costume, except for (gesturing...